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Hierarchy of Functions

A hierarchy of functions can be tested in a manner very similar to the test of a single function by taking the top-level function as the test object, and considering the called functions as to be inside the test object.

Hierarchy of functions

A hierarchy of functions takes the top-level function as test object.

This is technically achieved by not replacing the called functions by stub functions. You may still consider this as unit testing as above, but for bigger units.

It can also be considered as integration testing for the functions in the hierarchy, because they have to work together correctly to pass the tests, at least to some extent. Such a hierarchy of functions could also be called a module, but this term should not be confused with a C source module of a C program. (A C source module is not automatically an appropriate test object for module testing, as it is defined syntactically, whereas a module for module testing is defined semantically.)

The testing of a hierarchy of functions is technically very similar to the testing of a single function. Testing of a hierarchy of functions is the functionality of many unit testing tools including Tessy and will not be discussed further here.

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